Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Its been a while since I posted, but if you are reading this, you are most likely in some manner connected to a person who has special I don't really need to take your time explaining. You already get it. Life happens. And the best of intentions get set aside to face the demands of each day.

Winter 2012 has finally arrived and quite honestly I could not be happier. I love the snow in January! As I drove home from dropping kids off at school I savored the quiet in the car - no kids, no radio - just me talking to God and watching the snow fall. The cold flakes leaving beautiful patterns on my windshield,  I thought how each child is like a snowflake.

No two are alike. Each snowflake is incredibly intricately different, yet no snowflake is overlooked or discarded just because it is not the same as the other snowflake.

My child is often a snowflake:  pure, innocent and beautiful.

Sometimes like a snowflake, he too is icy and cold.

Sometimes like a snowflake as it lands and quietly melts away, he is held in my hand only to disappear before my eyes, but in that brief moment I see joy glistening and sparkling.

The snowflakes also remind me of Gods love falling on our lives, covering the dirt, the sin, the ugliness of my heart. And in its place God provides cleansing, beauty and restoration. 

My children, like each snowflake are a unique gift from God, given for me to treasure and enjoy for a brief moment. I know all too soon the sun will burst forth casting radiant beams to melt each tiny flake. So I breathe deeply, inhaling the cold air, feeling the icy tingle on my uplifted face and I thank God for the precious life he has entrusted to my care.