Saturday, August 30, 2014

Red Shoes Rock

There's a small movement occurring across the world right now.... and I’m not referring to the Ice Bucket Challenge.  This grass roots movement is called Red Shoes Rock. The idea is to wear red shoes from now until September 9th (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day) and every time someone comments on the red shoes, the wearer educates another person about FASD.  (As if I need another reason to buy me some new Red Shoes!)

Today my shoes took me to a place of grace, flowing with hope and source of peace.

God surely knows that on this FASD journey I need grace. Boy Wonder also requires grace on a daily basis. Living on the Spectrum can cause him to be THE. MOST. ANNOYING. CHILD. EVER!!  In our house we have run the gamut of annoying OCD habits.  Lest you think I exaggerate, here are just a few:
Whistling that would put even the Seven Dwarfs to shame.
Humming incessantly as long as he’s awake.
Biting nails like they were his Last Supper.
Picking skin until it is scarred and bleeding (we should've bought Band-Aid stock!).
Sucking fingers as if they were slathered in sugar.
Right now however, its clapping. Non-stop clapping. Eating and clapping. Walking and clapping. Reading and clapping. Playing and clapping. Clapping. Clapping! CLAPPING!! So yes, in case you wonder, grace is needed in my home.

Here’s the catch: The more irritated I am at his annoying traits, the more grace he needs...yet the longer the annoying habits manifest themselves in my presence, the less likely I am to give the grace.

Still the real irony is found in the fact that the less I am to give him grace, the more likely I am to lie in bed at the end of the day and ask God to give me grace.

And once again, I find that my child with disabilities truly has the ability to teach me oh so many lessons which I need to learn. God has pointed out many of my short comings through his young atypical life.

So when Sunday morning rolls around and I slip beautiful Red Shoes on my feet, they are walking me into a place I need to be. My soul is parched and desiring Living Water. I need the sweet grace of the Holy Spirit to fill me with cool, refreshing water of life that I may overflow into my family.

Where will your Red Shoes take you?