Friday, February 1, 2019

Winning The Heart of Your Child

This blog has been silent for over a year. Sometimes writing helps process life. Sometimes life can't be processed in words. I do know that cancer changed the trajectory of my life forever. Just as disability did before cancer. Just as adoption did before disability.  Just as infertility did before adoption. Life happens in the blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye, Boy Wonder entered high school and Rockstar Kid became a teen.  At 5, I was their world. They wouldn't dream of heading into school at morning drop off without a hug, a kiss, a verbal "I love you mom".  Now as teens, they barely acknowledge I'm in the car. And it would be their worst nightmare if drop off included a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

What happened to my little boys? I blinked and they are tweens, growing into teens, heading for manhood. Hormones have taken over their bodies...I often wonder, do I still have their hearts?

Over the years, I've read so many parenting books: books on discipline, books on scheduling, books on emotions, books for neuro-typical kids, books for children with trauma, books for a child on the spectrum, books for strong-willed boys. Every book had its niche, and I could glean one or two things from each book, but needed to toss the rest of the chapters because it didn't fit my child.  Then puberty hit and, wow!, did I feel hopeless and confused with parenting.  What do I read for the strong-willed, hyperactive, hormone-engulfed, I-love-you-just-kidding-I-hate-you-emotionally-charged, adventurous, I-want-independence, I-need-you, phase of my boys life?

Big sigh.  Lots of prayers. Lots of do-overs. Enter Mike & Kristen Berry. Cue the music. Carve out a moment of your day because Winning The Heart of Your Child is going to be released February 5, 2019, and I was given a pre-release copy to read and review.

Pour yourself a drink, find a quiet spot, and dig into this book.
Whatever season of life you are in...childhood, tween, teen...this book is one you'll turn to over and over. It's practical. It's straightforward. It's honest.

Whether your child is typical or on the spectrum, biological or adopted, boy or girl, you will find encouragement and wisdom from an author who's been there/done that. This is practical, smart parenting.

The first portion of the book is about The Great Misunderstanding in parenting.  For me, this provided real insight into why my reactions and my approaches haven't worked. And boy did it hit home!

The second portion of the book is Parenting for the Win, with 9 keys to building a lifelong relationship with my kids. Nine ways you can begin or continue to connect with your kids or teens.  Let's just say that I underlined so many points in these chapters, you're going to want to get the book!

The final portion of the book is Moving Forward. It's where you get practical and daily. It's the part I'll need to write about later, because, honestly, I'm still moving forward. My little boys are growing young men. They don't need me, but they desperately need me. They don't want to talk, but they want me to listen. They don't want me involved, but they want to know I care.

My biggest critique of the book....Key 5: stay involved with your child..." be ready to set aside what you are doing when your children want to talk".  Whaaaa! but I just want to keep reading this chapter of this book.  I'm supposed to put what I read into action, so I take a deep breath and close the book and make eye contact and I listen.

Now it's your turn.
Go to this website to grab your own copy of the book:
If you pre-order from the website before Feb 5 you will receive :
    Access to Exclusive Winning The Heart Book VIP Facebook Group
    A Special 3-Part Video Series on Understanding Your Influence
    A Downloadable PDF Library Of Extra Content
    An Entire Library Of Colorful Images for Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer
    A Special 3-Part Audio Series on Parenting On Purpose
    A 16-Week Facebook Video Study Series

(*Here's where I need to disclose that I did receive a complimentary copy of this book, in exchange for writing a review. The opinions about the book are 100% my own. I also do NOT receive any compensation when you click on the links and/or purchase a book. I'm recommending it because I actually really like the book.)