Friday, May 25, 2012

A Little boy Humor

We love to read in our house. During Spring Break, we spent an afternoon in the most amazing bookstore I've ever been in...3 floors of books. And my kids begged to stay longer, and to go back the next day. Books! Books! Books! A home can never have too many books!

We have been reading the Little House on the Prairie series and are in the book “Farmer Boy”. If you've read it, you'll may recall where Almanzo’s parents leave the four children to run the farm for a week while they go ten miles away to Uncle Andrews farm for a vacation. 

The first thing the 4 siblings did was to make homemade ice cream and eat cake, followed by watermelon for dinner. Then Almanzo sneaked into the pasture with the colts where his father had forbidden him to go.

After our reading I asked my boys, “What would you do if mom & dad left you alone?”  They are so innocent at this age, I knew they’d ‘confess’ everything they would do!

Big brother over eagerly replies, “First, I’d go try on all your lipsticks.”

Me smiling, “Hmmm, what else would you do?” 

Big brother, “I’d play with all your pretty jewelery.”

Me, “Okay, little guy, what would you do first?”

Wise little brother smugly says, “I’d go quietly rock in my red chair, and I’d look at brother and tell him to stop doing all the sneaky things he is going to do.”

Me: Baaahaaahaaaa! Of course you would!

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