Monday, August 1, 2011


 Being a California girl at heart, I have an endless craving for the ocean. I can’t get enough of the warm grains of sand bearing the imprint of my feet. I love the wetness of the ocean sprays when the waves crash on the beach. I savor the salty air as it breathes its warmth on my skin. I long for the wet sand to squish between my toes as I gaze across the blue sky. And still as an adult, I feel the child inside me dance with joy when I spy a complete seashell.

Oh the beauty and perfection, the uniqueness of a sea shell. Smooth and polished on the inside from the constant motion and turmoil of harboring a living creature within. On the outside, a design so intricate, an artistic flair so engrossing, it cannot be comprehended nor copied by human hand.

I’ve often wondered how many shells are hiding in the depth of the ocean, never being seen my human eyes, yet none the less colorful, artfully shaped, and created by God. Shells that are tossed about by the waves of the sea, being carried by the tides, pulled by the undertoe, used by other sea creatures. What was His purpose for such a creation being hidden away?

Isn’t that shell just like my child with invisible disabilities: there is only one like him! While he may look like a perfect design on the outside, there is a turmoil going on inside of him no one else sees and rarely does anyone else comprehend it. 

Unless they too are of the seashell species.

How many of these children are there, hidden away in the depth of a disability they do not understand, overshadowed by the waves of a world that is often not welcoming of them. Rarely being accepted, often being used, yet each one longing to be found by an adoring adult who will protect it and value its uniqueness. Each one distinctly designed by God for a purpose I may never understand.

How I wish everyone could see the beauty of the perfect shell that is a child with disabilities.

I’m so thankful God didn’t stop with one shell, that He created hundreds, thousands of varieties for us to enjoy. And I’m grateful He entrusted this one precious shell into my care!

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